Minor Change Of Bmw 3 Series Coupe And Cabriolet

The BMW 3 Series coupe and cabriolet was firstly introduced at the end of the year 1999 to 2000. The present model has the vehicle body code E46. It uses the same hood structure and the front body as the previous model. The most difference from the previous model is the front headlight and front bumper which can be divided into 3 models, sedan and station wagon models, coupe and cabriolet models and the compact models.

From the information above, you can see that the minor change for the BMW 3 Series is mostly independent from the fact that there are many models for it. They don’t need to minor change all 3 groups at the same time. The first minor change is for the sedan and station wagon since the end of the year 2001 and come along with the minor change for coupe and cabriolet in the end of 2002 but the actual release date was around March in 2003.

The minor change for coupe and cabriolet models can be easily seen by the front head lights. It includes all high, low beam and turn signal in the same frame and changes the color of the turn signal from yellow to transparent white. The turn signal on the side of the cars moved upward and change to blurry white instead of yellow.

The front hood keeps the same style but the size of the grill was increased 300 millimeters from the previous version, which gives the uniqueness for the 3 Series.

Other than the above, there are other optional accessories such as the Bi-xenon headlights with the angle control system. The headlights will turn as you turn the steering wheel to increase the safety while you driving at night.

The tail lights still use the same style but change the turn signal from yellow to white and the parking light from a big long row was reduce to a smaller size and the break light was changed to LED which is brighter and better compare to the older one.

Rear bumper bas remade by removing the long hole in it and added a black stripe to connect both lights on the bumper.

The dimension for the cabriolet is 4488 millimeters wide 1757 millimeters long 1369 millimeters tall and 2725 millimeters for the wheel base length. The coupe model has the same dimension as the cabriolet except from the 1372 millimeters tall

The interior inside keeps the same common features such as big gauge, RPM needle, speed, gasoline level and temperature arrange the same way as they did in the first 3 Series which we know under the code E21.